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PCR Workstations | PCR Cabinets and Hoods

PCR Workstations or PCR Hoods are specially designed to minimize the sample contamination during PCR . PCR cabinets and hoods are useful additions to the molecular biology and genomics lab since minimizing cross-contamination in turn minimizes inaccurate results.

PCR Hoods and PCR Workstations
PCR Workstations


-ISO class 4 (US class 10) HEPA filter for optimal protection against cross-contamination. (average life span of HEPA filter: 3 years – it depends on the test room conditions)

-High-quality polyester fiber pre-filter (with minimal pressure loss and 85% arrestant on the A.F.I. test) for trapping larger particles and increasing the life of the main HEPA filter.

-Effective sterilization using a long-life 254 nm UV lamp. (average life span of UV lamp: 8,000 hours)

-Built in anti-glare fluorescent lamp minimizes shadows and relieves eye strain.

The Cleanroom Market provides various laboratory and allied equipments like Fume Hoods, Laminar flows, incubators, refrigerators and much more.


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