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Laboratory Shakers and Mixers | The Cleanroom Market

The Cleanroom Market provides Laboratory shakers that are used to mix, agitate or process samples within flasks, tubes or blots. Shakers are often used for specific laboratory needs including micro plate shakers, water-bath shakers and refrigerated or incubated shakers.

Laboratory Mixers and Shakers
Mixers and Shakrers

Laboratory shakers can perform applications such as:

  • CWS Bacterial Suspensions

  • Cell Culture

  • Diagnostic Tests

  • Drug Analysis

  • ELISA and Environmental Technology (waste water and soil analysis)

  • Extraction Procedures

  • General Mixing

  • Preparation for Metal Analysis

  • Pharmaceutical Profiling

  • Protein Synthesis

They are used in many types of industry, such as food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and electronics, as well as labs that deal with life sciences and biotechnology. For enquiries, CONTACT US or write to us at


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