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High quality Laminar flow Cabinets | Lab Equipment from T.C.M

The Cleanroom Market (T.C.M) provides world class premium laminar flow cabinets which offer significant levels of protection to the working environment and avoid contamination of the same. Fume Hoods and laminar flow cabinets are must have tools in a laboratory so as to prevent from hazardous fumes and materials and for a cleaner work space. These fume hoods and laminar flow cabinets have a certain guidelines to be followed and maintained while operating both.

The Cleanroom Market (T.C.M) provides various types of lab equipment such as:

-Laminar flow cabinet

-Clean Benches

-Ductless and bench top Fume Hoods

-Extraction Arm Hood

-PCR Workstations

-UV Sterilization Cabinets

-Bio Safety Cabinets

Please check out our LaboratoryEquipment section for more information or write to us at


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