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Cleanroom Facemasks and Veils from The Cleanroom Market

Facemasks and Veils help in enhanced protection against particles inside a cleanroom or any controlled environment, people are the major source of particles and a fraction of these particles carry micro-organisms and in turn causes contamination. People are known to be a major source of contamination in any critical manufacturing environment so having the right mask for the job, can make a critical difference. These masks are mainly used in areas such as:

  • Biotech research facilities

  • Laboratories

  • Aerospace

  • Microelectronics, and

  • Semiconductor industries

Cleanroom facemasks and veils
Cleanroom Facemasks and Veils

The Cleanroom Market offers range on sterile and non sterile cleanroom facemasks for face coverage and to prevent contamination. These facemasks are processed in ISO Class 4 cleanroom environment and meet highest of standards.They are manufactured from materials of highest quality, latex-free and low-linting having a hydrophobic outer layer to repel liquids and hygroscopic inner layer to absorb moisture.

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