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Cleaning and Disinfection in a Controlled Environment

Maintaining the environment to the cleanest standards is the most challenging task when it comes to a cleanroom. In pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics or food production, steps mentioned in draft European Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP) Annex 1 should be followed for cleaning a cleanroom. A proper cleaning and disinfection protocols are needed to prevent cross-contamination and to meet the required cleanroom microbial grades.

The draft clearly mentions it as two distinct process: Cleaning and Disinfection .It states that for disinfection to be effective, cleaning to remove surface contamination must be performed first.Cleaning is the removal of visible dirt or residues left after the process of disinfection. The new draft by stating “cleaning programs should be effective in the removal of disinfectant residues.”

Detergents. Cleanroom IPA
Cleaning and Disinfection

The draft annex defines disinfection as “the process by which surface bio burden is reduced to a safe level or eliminated. Some disinfection agents are effective only against vegetative microbes, while others possess the additional capability to effectively kill bacterial and fungal spores.”

The process of cleaning and disinfection is done to achieve appropriate microbiological cleanliness levels for the class of cleanroom . Thus the cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms is an important part of contamination control.

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