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Sterile Solutions from Contec supplied by The Cleanroom Market

Contec Sterile NeutraKlean 5L Capped

Contec® NeutraKlean is a gentle and low-foaming detergent designed for the cleaning of life science cleanrooms.

With a pH after irradiation between 6.5 and 7.5, Contec NeutraKlean is ideal for carrying out the low-level cleaning required after maintenance, and to remove disinfectant residues and general soil. The use of a surfactant/detergent helps to break the binding of particles and dirt to a surface and allows them to be more easily removed.


The product is 0.2 μm filtered and filled under ISO Class 5 (Grade A) airflow and packaged in an ISO Class 7 (Grade C) cleanroom. Ready to use, the product is available in a 1 gallon capped container, ideal for larger areas. 

  • Neutral pH makes it suitable for use in all areas of cleanroom as gentle on surfaces
  • Filtered to 0.2 microns in an ISO Class 7 (Grade C) cleanroom ensures the product is free from contamination and particulates
  • Low-foaming detergent action is ideal for use on floors, walls, and benches
  • Low level of surfactant provides low residue which can be easily removed
  • Capped container is ideal for larger areas
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