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Vacuum Ovens from The Cleanroom Market

A vacuum oven effectively dries materials even at a low temperature using the principle that the steam pressure of solvents changes depends on its temperature. So it is used to dry samples that have a possibility of explosion when they contact oxygen, a solid medium that needs to block oxygen into it under anaerobic conditions, and samples that are difficult to dry in air pressure due to those dense tissues. The drying process in a vacuum state lets prevent to deform the shape of materials and remove solvents from compounds completely. Therefore, the vacuum oven is one of commonly used in :

  1. Electrical and Electronic field such as manufacturing PCB circuits,

  2. Biopharmaceutical manufacturing,

  3. Medical Devices.

Advantages of Vacuum oven :

  • It is appropriate for materials that can be easily damaged when heated at a high temperature.

  • It removes moisture but also prevents explosion or oxidation that may occur when a specific material contacts air.

  • It is safe and does not release toxic chemical substances since the drying o ccurs within a sealed chamber.

  • It takes less time than a general oven and therefore has higher energy efficiency.

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