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Nitrile RABS and Isolator Gloves | The Cleanroom Market

The Cleanroom Market presents Isolator gloves that are used in compounding facilities and cancer center pharmacies. These Isolator gloves are sold by the pair, individually packed in easy tear packaging. They are also cleanroom laundered and validated sterile in variety of sizes.

This Isolator gloves are excellent value for money and provides user with comfort and is rated for 8+ hours against permeation by many cytotoxins. It also meets ASTM D6978-05 standards.

RABS and Isolator Gloves
RABS and Isolator Gloves

In any cleanroom environment, there are multiple potential sources of contamination. In a well-designed controlled environment, the people entering the area present one of the main sources of bacteria. The need to distance the operator from the open processing has led to the use of restricted access barrier systems (RABS) or isolators to provide a barrier between the drug product and its handler.

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