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Nitrile & Latex Gloves from The Cleanroom Market

Cleanroom Gloves are one of the most important part of your cleanroom , be it for personal protection or product protection. Whether Sterile and Non sterile latex and nitrile gloves, TCM offers a portfolio of gloves that will meet a wide variety of needs.


The traditional material and still most comfortable.


Senstive soft and flexible material


  • ISO Class 4 & EU GMP Grade A complaint

  • Available in 16 inch -elbow and 24 inch size

  • Flexible & comfortable

  • Latex 16 '' gloves are Easy for double-donning

  • Non-particulating Easy Tear packaging

  • Complies with the requirements of European Glove Standards

Due to TCM's wide expertise in pharma, healthcare and aerospace industries, we can assure that you choose the one suitable for your requirement. Visit TCM for more details.


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