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Laminar Flows & Fume Hoods from The Cleanroom Market

Laminar Flow is a necessary equipment for experimenting with various microbial cultures, plant and animal cell culture, plant and animal tissue culture, and that are vulnerable to contamination and infection. It is one of the essential equipment in a life science research laboratory and prevents external pollutants from entering because the clean air generated from the upper part is discharged through the inside of the workbench in the direction of the worker (outside the sash).

Unlike having a similar appearance to a Laminar flow, a Fume hood sucks air from the outside of the sash where the worker is located into the inside to collect harmful gases generated during the experiment and discharges it through a duct or filter. Please choose the suitable workbenches depends on your use. Use a Laminar Flow when culturing cells or strains, and use a Fume Hood when handling hazardous chemicals or hazardous substances for workers.

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