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Laboratory Freezers and Refrigerators for temperature controlled storage

The Cleanroom Market offers Laboratory and Pharmaceutical refrigerators with excellent temperature monitoring and performance.These Refrigerators and freezers for the research and laboratory sectors are able to offer outstanding temperature stability and are highly energy efficient and has longer shelf life.

T.C.M provides complete line of laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, and combination refrigerator/freezers that are designed to suit various sample type. List of these refrigerators and freezers include:

  • Laboratory Refrigerators

  • Laboratory Freezers

  • Plasma Freezers

  • Pharmacy Refrigerators

  • Blood Bank Refrigerators

Laboratory Refrigerators and freezers from The Cleanroom Market.
Refrigerators and Freezers

These refrigerators and freezers are built with superior technology and offer safe storage of volatile or flammable substances, chemicals,poisons and other high risk samples.

The Cleanroom Market has wide variety of lab instruments and equipment choices from your facility such as Laminar flow cabinet, Fume hoods, Rotators, Shakers, Incubators and various other equipment.

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