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High Quality Cleanroom Gloves | Sterile and Non Sterile

Personal and Product protection are extremely important when it comes to controlled environments. The Cleanroom Market offers range of gloves to ideally suit your particular need. These gloves can be used in Life-Sciences, Semi Conductors and Micro Electronic facilities.These gloves are:

  • ISO Class 4-5 compatible

  • Offers extreme comfort and strength

  • Sterile and Non Sterile Gloves

  • Produced and processed in ISO 9001:2008 Facility which is NEBB certified

  • Packed in plastic wallet and then in non-particulating easy tear pouches

  • Available as Nitrile, Latex, Neoprene, Polychloroprene, Vinyl

  • Available in separate range of Chemo Safety Wear range of gloves

  • Polychloroprene, Vinyl and Nitrile are Antistatic gloves

  • Available also in Gauntlet range- Isolator and RABS( Restricted Access Barrier System)

Sterile and Non Sterile Cleanroom Gloves
Gloves-The Cleanroom Market

The Cleanroom Market(TCM)offers cleanroom gloves that are high quality and reliable gloves that are suitable to be operational is Pharma, Medical Devices, Biotech, Semiconductors as well as in research lab environments. These cleanroom gloves offer high tensile strength and strong permeability against wide variety of substances.

The Cleanroom Market also offers other cleanroom consumables such as cleanroom coveralls, cleanroom goggles, cleanroom labcoats, cleanroom facemasks etc. For more details CONTACT US at


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