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ESD Workstations and Workbenches from TCM

ESD protection is one of the toughest and crucial requirements when it comes to the electronics industry. ESD protection helps in preserving the sensitive processes associated in this industry. ESD Stands for Electrostatic Discharge.

ESD workbenches for your Electrostatic Protected Area. An ESD protected area is called EPA. In an EPA area ESD protection must be observed in all materials that could come in contact with the product. Workstations and employees in an EPA area must also be grounded with protective resistance to an ESD grounding point. This ensures adequate and controlled discharge of static electricity. These Anti Static Benches are suitable for use as an assembly or repair bench in the electrical and electronic industries.

ESD Workbenches offer ergonomics and modularity features. Work station or work benches are classified into :

  • Classic

  • Premium

  • Moveable Work benches

Each of these has different varieties suitable for ones need and application.

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