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ESD Accessories and Furniture from The Cleanroom Market

ESD standards and controls is one the most important things that one need to take care while building a ESD Cleanroom facility. ESD is a major concern in facilities such as Microelectronics, semiconductors and medical device manufacturing. The Cleanroom Market provides, ESD Accessories, Furniture and all types of ESD related equipments. Some of them include:

  • ESD Footwear

  • ESD Garments

  • ESD Furniture

  • ESD Overshoes

  • ESD Groundings

  • ESD Equipments and Tools

We have introduced a new section in our website which portrays ESD related products,Accessories and furniture as a single category.

ESD Furniture and Accessories from TCM
ESD Accessories-Page

ESD clothing or workwear needs to protect sensitive components from harmful static charges. For enquiries,CONTACT US and write to us at


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