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Cleanroom Wipes, Disinfectants, Mopping systems from The Cleanroom Market

Proper cleaning procedure and gowning protocol is necessary for overall cleanliness, consistency, and contamination control within cleanrooms . There are several best practices and strict guidelines when it comes to doing so. Some of the most common cleanroom contamination include solid dust, liquid, bacteria, fungus, human skin cells and hair. The majority of it is caused by people working inside one. This can be controlled of avoided by proper gowning and cleaning procedures.

Cleanroom wipes, mops, IPA solution
Cleanroom Cleaning Products

Cleanroom cleaning supplies are used to disinfect, remove particles and maintain the clean environment that we have created in your facility. Cleanroom cleaning supplies are mainly classified into:

Cleanroom Wipes

Cleanroom Mop /Mopping systems

Cleanroom Disinfectants

These cleanroom cleaning products come in different varieties and classification. For more details, write to us at Or Contact us here


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