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Cleanroom Consumables for Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre| The Cleanroom Market

At The Cleanroom Market, we are extremely proud to have been continuously associated with Nation's largest Space agency Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre MBRC, and its quest in taking a lead at space exploration, space science and advanced technology. The Cleanroom Market is glad to be relentlessly catering to MBRC with Cleanroom garments for their Engineers and technician to work on esteemed space missions in their state of the art cleanroom facility.High quality and reliable Cleanroom garments and supplies are essential to reduce or eliminate contamination resulting from people,by understanding the sensitivity and importance of the requirement, The Cleanroom Market provided right solutions which aptly fit the requirement. In the video below, you can find out about Cleanroom Gowning and De-Gowning procedure that takes place in our client's facility,

Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre recently launched Khalifa Sat which was fully manufactured by a large team of qualified Emirati engineers in UAE. The Cleanroom Market also supplied specialized tailor made cleanroom garments for the launch of KhalifaSat which happened on last week of October.

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