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Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum Ovens

Optimally constructed for separating solvents from solutions or drying solvents with high boiling points.

Model Name : OV4-30/65

Different specifications and extras available. 

Structural Functional Features

  • Wide temperature range that can be controlled up to 250°C.
  • Improved temperature distribution. (±1.5°C at 100°C)
  • 3-point temperature calibration, high temperature accuracy over a wide temperature range.
  • Inner stainless steel and aluminum shelves provide excellent corrosion resistance and clean maintenance.
  • Protects equipment from overcurrent and over temperature through safety circuits.
  • Vacuum line and release line are separated and convenient to use.
  • The display is mounted at the top, minimizing floor sizerequirement.

Use Convenience Features

  • When a vacuum is formed and maintained, the toughened glass is attached to the gasket, so it is kept confined for long-time repeated use.
  • Save and use 3 frequently used temperatures.
  • PC connection using RS-232 port and USB port.
  • Excellent visibility and viewing angle due to application of 5-inch large LCD.
  • Wait On/Off timer. (up to 999 hours 59 minutes)
  • Toughened glass viewing window for easy internal viewing.
  • Microprocessor PID method for precise temperature control.
  • Automatic restart as it was operated after power recovery.
  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected. (mobile monitoring system) (when purchased LC GreenBox)
  • Microprocessor PID method for precise temperature control.

Outstanding Safety

  • Door structure including buffer system allows for internal pressure release through upper and lower ventilation holes when stable vacuum is formed/maintained and when there is an internal explosion.
  • Polycarbonate safety cover provided in case of toughened glass breakage.
  • 12 events is recorded in case of door open, error, and etc.
  • Top-rated overheating protection system. (registration 10 - 0397583)
  • Over temperature limit function.
  • Safe product surface, even when operated at upper temperature.
  • Malfunction prevented by controller lock function.
  • Alarm if set temperature deviation outside of acceptable range.

Vacuum Oven Use Configuration

  • It is recommended to use the cold trap bath on the vacuum line to protect the weak vacuum pump against water/solvent or to supply dry air to the sample.


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