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Vaccum Desiccators (Round Models) from The Cleanroom Market

Vaccum Desiccators (Round Models)

Round design featuring light weight yet high tensile strength.


Different specifications and extras available. 

Performance / Convenience

  • Maximum vacuum of 1 Torr (1.33×10-4 Mpa) for more than 72 hours
  • High quality silicone gasket ensures greaseless airtight seal for the clean and cost effective test environment.
  • Highly transparent, shatterproof, non-corrosive, and easy to clean polycarbonate construction.
  • Three-way stopcock provides great convenience for consistent and uniform vacuum draw, vacuum release, or gas exchange. The barbed fitting on each side secures attachment of tubing.
  • Flange lock holding the top and the bottom together during non-vacuum conditions.
  • Various models available with respect to sizes and UVblocking effect.
  • Minimizing damages or discoloration of light-sensitive samples (for U/UG models).
  • A vacuum gauge attachable at the center of the lid for easy vacuum level checking (for G/UG models).
  • The top and bottom of round vacuum desiccators and cylindrical vacuum desiccators are compatible with each other for diverse use.
  • ※ RoHS except for VDR-U models.
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