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Temp. & Humid. Chambers (TH-TG) from The Cleanroom Market

Temp. & Humid. Chambers (TH-TG)

Economy environmental test chamber.


Different specifications and extras available. 

Control range

  • Temperature range from -5 to 100°C Humidity range from 10 to 95% RH
  • Temperature range from -5 to 100°C Humidity range from 20 to 95% RH



  • Microprocessor PID control / Temperature calibration / Automatic tuning.
  • Advanced performance of low and high temperature and humidity control, achieved by adapting the humidification tank exterior to the chamber, added benefit for long term test.
  • Water recycling and filtering system reduce water consumption for longer operation.
  • Air-tight door closure with perfect sealed packing.
    – Heat-resistant silicone packing completely blocks high heat leakage from the inner chamber.
    – Two-point door latch also enhances tightness to door closure.
  • Energy efficiency is achieved by optimization of the insulation system.
    – Even if the unit is operating at max. temperature, the surface of the unit doesn’t allow high temperatures of over 60℃.



  • Built in door lock with a key.
  • Automatic shut off after overheat alarm.
  • Low and empty water level alarm.
  • Power supply leakage breaker.
  • Over current protection.
  • Open door alarm.



  • Spacious chamber volume with a maximum capacity of 1500L.
    – Various volume sizes, available to suit any users’ need.
  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel chamber and electric polished humidification tank.
  • Maintenance of water supply are easily performed with a front water tank.
    – Portable water container makes supplying water convenient.
  • Water supply during operation is also available for long term test purposes.
  • Direct water system provides user great convenience when performing long-term tests. (optional)
  • Clear observation of samples.
    – Tempered glass door with built in heating wire.
    – Energy efficient, long life span LED lighting.
    – Wider view, inner glass door is available for monitoring of samples. (optional)
  • Cable port for introduction of external probes or wires.
    – 50mm diameter cable port comes standard on the left side of the unit.
    – Additional 50mm or 80mm diameter cable ports, custom ordered. (optional)
  • Casters for easy mobility during installation or relocation.
  • User friendly LCD controller.
    – Set value and present value are clearly visible together on display.
    – Operating progress visible in graph mode allow for direct data interpretation.
    – Temperature and other operating parameters recorded with use of selectable recorder. (optional)
  • Sufficient programmable control support.
    Description No
    Programmable pattern capacity 10
    Pattern repeat time 999
    Max. segments per a pattern 100
    Available max. segments* 100
    Programmable process time per a segment 0 to 99 hr
    59 min

    * Even though the max. segments per a pattern are 100, available total segments are up to 100 not 1000, so you need to arrange the number of segment and patterns properly.


Computer Interface

– RS-485 communication port enables connection of up to maximum 9 units. Simultaneous monitoring and operating of multiple units is an available feature. (optional)
– Program patterns are simple to set with the use of our software.
– Storage of program information, backup of value settings, recovery, temperature, humidity values.
– RS-232 communication port comes standard.

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