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Contec Wipes supplied by The Cleanroom Market

Quiltec® I Wipes

Quiltec I Wipes offer the highest sorptive capacity of any sealed edge wipe available. It is manufactured using two layers of knitted polyester fabric that are laminated together to form a stronger, more adsorbent wipe. Additional fluid is captured within the quilted pockets between the fabric layers, increasing the sorbent capacity. Quiltec I has more than twice the adsorbent capacity of a single layer wipe.

Quiltec I has laser-cut, heatsealed edges which reduce the number of releasable particles and fibers. It is laundered and packed in a class 4 cleanroom. As a knitted polyester product, it is abrasion and chemical resistant and extremely low in particles and fibers.

  • Recommended for ISO Class 3-5 environments
  • Most sorbent sealed edge wipe available
  • Extremely low in both particles and fibers reducing possibility of contamination
  • Strong fabic is abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Laser-cut, which seals fibers at wipe's edge
  • Excellent sorbency with solvents
  • Available validated sterile
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