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Sterile Wipes (Prostat- Polynit) from The Cleanroom Market

PROSAT® Sterile™ Polynit Heatseal LE Wipes

PROSAT® Sterile™ Polynit Heatseal LE Wipes are made of 100% knitted polyester Polynit Heatseal, presaturated with a blend of 70% isopropanol and 30% water for injection (WFI). Each lot is tested before release and low endotoxin certified to less than <1EU/wipe.


The sealed edge wipe produces very low levels of particles and fibers and is ideal for use on product contact surfaces. Each resealable pouch contains a small number of wipes, eliminating any waste at the end of a session. Each pouch is individually bagged for easy entry into the sterile suite.

Different types include: PSW0001, PSW0002, PSW0003

Presaturated wipes provide many benefits including solvent control, reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and increased process control and repeatability. The resealable pouch reduces waste. PROSAT Sterile Polynit Heatseal LE Wipes are validated sterile and suitable for use in aseptic suites and the most critical pharmaceutical cleanrooms.


  • Recommended for Grade A/B or ISO Class 5 environments - product contact areas
  • 100% knitted polyester fabric results in very low levels of particles and fibers
  • Laser sealed edges reduces fiber generation from the edge of the wipe
  • Guaranteed endotoxin levels of <1EU/device make them ideal for product contact surfaces
  • Small number of wipes per resealable pouch to eliminate waste
  • Small footprint, hanging pouches available, so ideal for use in isolator and RAB systems
  • Presaturated wipe reduces VOC emissions and solvent use
  • Resealable pouch preserves cleanliness and solvent saturation levels
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