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Magnetic Stirrers (Scale)from The Cleanroom Market

Magnetic Stirrers (Scale)

Powerful magnets and motors guarantee a high-speed and a goodmanagement of the devices.


Different specifications and extras available. 

Performance & Convenience

  • Ergonomic designed, lightweight, easy to operate, and low profile.
  • Best-in-the-class with broad speed range and suitable for high-speed rotation experimental environment.
  • Spark-less, silent and durable BLDC motor.
  • Wide top plate.
  • Two non-slip silicon plate covers (white & black) provided for MS-B, T, G.
  • Non-slip strength rubber feet.
  • Strong magnetic coupling to ensure constant stirring.



  • Unit is safely designed to protect internal components from accidental spills.
  • Built-in thermal shutdown and current limit protection.
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