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KN-95 Respirators

KN-95 Respirators

Protective PPE face covers for filtering particulate, viruses , and microbes.

 Non Medical

 KN95 4ply face covers with FDA and CE approvals and certifications.

     Wearable 3D cubic design

    Nose support wire 4

    4 layers filter

    Surface spunbond + meltbrown + hot air cotton + inner spunbond 
    4KN95 Equivalent to N95 (95% of fine dust smaller than 0.3㎛) 

    Airflow resistance Maximum 73.50 Pa

     Packing 40 pcs/case 20 cases/carton (800 pcs/carton) Carton size: 55cm X 40cm X 56cm Weight: 10.3 kg/carton

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