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Hybridization Oven

Hybridization Oven

Equipped with a precise rocker, this unit is offering ideal reproducibility for various molecular biology applications.


Different specifications and extras available. 


  • Temperature range from ambient +5 to 65℃
  • Rocking motion: Tilt 8.5°.
  • Speed range: 5 to 50 rpm.
  • Microprocessor PID feedback control of the heater and the fan ensuring temperature uniformity.
  • Automatic temperature calibration.



  • Ease-of-operation provided by a bright VFD, responsive touch buttons, and a jog dial.
  • Memory function of programs allowing relevant parameters (such as temperature, rocking speed, time, etc.) of each program step to be stored.
    – Up to 10 program allowed for memory storage.
    – Up to 10 steps allowed for each program.
  • Built-in sliding shelf for quick and convenient insertion or removal of samples.
  • Sticky pad on sliding shelf for preventing accidental movement or spills of samples during operation.
  • Drying function for the hybridization and washed membranes or strips.
  • Transparent polycarbonate window providing a clear view of the chamber interior.
  • Compact design for efficient lab space utilization.



  • Audible and visual alarms are activated as:
    – Preset temperature limit is reached.
    – Each step of any programmed mode is terminated.
    – Low humidity level is detected by the sensor.
    – Door is open.
  • Over-temperature protection, Over-current protection.
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