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Hotplate Stirrers (Basic)from The Cleanroom Market

Hotplate Stirrers (Basic)

Easy to control with simple dial knobs for general lab heating and stirring applications.


Different specifications and extras available. 

Performance & Convenience

  • Integrated design of the heater and the top plate provides exceptional heat transfer rate and quick heat up capability.
  • Fast and precise stirring operations are enabled by BLDC motor and special magnet with extremely strong magnetic coupling power.
  • Instant halt of the stirring operation due to the exceptionally fast response characteristics.
  • Smooth-start mechanism provides virtually no decoupling of stir bars even with viscous media.
  • Large stirring capacity up to 20 liter in case of water.
  • Non-slip heating bath with concavo-convex bottom prevents unintentional slips of the bath. (optional)
  • A transparent safety shield protects users from liquid splashes. (optional)
  • Support rod allows for diverse flexibility in configuring other test equipment and accessories. (optional)



  • Built in thermal shutdown and current limit protection.
  • Hot top warning Indicator for preventing accidental injuries.
  • ※ CSA except for TM-18Q. ※ RoHS for TM-14SB.
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