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ESD Chairs

ESD Chairs

Various kinds of ESD Chairs for ESD Workspaces.

These ESD Chairs are suitable for EPA( ESD Protected Area) like production lines, universities, labarotories, electronics, micro elecetronics , aero space industries


    • Five-pointed star polished aluminium base (homogeneous, reinforced aluminium cast) – high durability and stability.
    • 2 years warranty on base and shock absorbers
    • Antistatic self-locking castors as standard  
    • Gas shock-absorber – adjustable seat height 46.5-55 cm
    • Seat:Ergonomic, moulded seat made of plywood and hardwood, coated with polyurethane foam (PU) - guarantee of excellent resistance on bending and maximum seating comfort. Covered with antistatic fabricFinished with grille made of plastic in black colour
    • Back rest:
    • Shelled back - contoured shape of the back, especially in the lumbar spine, significantly improves work comfort and positively impacts ergonomics.
    • Covered with antistatic fabric
    • Padded with high quality PU foam
    • Finished with grille made of plastic in black colour
    • Height, seat depth and angle adjustment
    • Antistatic fabric with specially fused graphite thread combined with metallic elements of the construction
    • The design and used components, ensures reliable and safe discharge of  charge from a sitting person to ESD floor or ESD floor mat
    • Easy to clean
    • Option: footrest, armrests


    • Specialised laboratory chair with handle at the top of backrest for easy carrying
    • Ideal for small spaces
    • Five-star base - high durability and stability
    • Can be equipped with armrest
    • Antistatic castors as standard - with option to convert to rubber castors or feet
    • Gas spring - adjustable seat height in range 45.5-56 cm
    • Seat:
      • Non-slip seat surface made of made of soft, contoured black plastic (PU) - a guarantee of excellent resistance to compression and maximum seating comfort. 
      • Finished from the bottom by masking frame with black antistatic plastic.
    • Backrest:
      • Non-slip backrest surface made of soft, contoured black plastic (PU) - contoured shape of the backrest significantly increases comfort of work and gives positive impact on ergonomics.
      • Finished from the bottom by masking frame with black antistatic plastic. 
      • Height, depth and angle adjustment of the backrest.
    • Construction and applied components, provide reliable and safe discharge
    • Very easy to maintaining cleanliness
    • Options: armrest
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