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Cleanroom Pillow Disposable from The Cleanroom Market

EliminatR® Pillow

The ElminatR Pillow is a disposable cleanroom sorbent pillow designed for large spill pickup or as a drip-catching pad under equipment.


The pillow is performance engineered utilizing 100% polyester knitted fabric, which has excellent sorbency for aqueous spills and superior holding ability for oils. The outer covering is made from Contec's Quiltec® I, a durable two-ply polyester fabric which means the pillow is designed to be low in particles as well as sorbent. It is free of any cellulosic contaminants and is recommended for use in ISO Class 6 and above cleanrooms.


Compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and autoclave sterilization. Designed for use in conjunction with the EliminatR Sock.

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