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Stainless Steel Mopping System from The  Cleanroom Market

Compact Stainless Steel Bucket System

Contec’s autoclavable Compact Bucket System is an all-in-one solution to make cleaning and disinfecting easier and more efficient. The cart is designed for use with Contec mops such as the VertiKlean® MAX™, VertiKlean® MAX™ Sealed Edge, and QuickTask™ Mopping Systems.


The stainless steel cart is available in multiple configurations to meet the unique needs of your environment. The three bucket autoclavable system has  a standard handle.  A polypropylene system is also available.

The cart frame has a mop head removal tool on the front for easy, hands-free removal of a VertiKlean MAX or VertiKlean MAX Sealed Edge mop head. Two mop holders with handle clasps on either side of the cart allow for convenient mop storage during transport and storage.

Features & Benefits

  • Mop removal tool for VertiKlean® MAX™ and VertiKlean® MAX™ Sealed Edge Mops
  • Four rotating, lockable casters provide excellent maneuverability, making the system ideal for small cleanrooms and tight spaces
  • On cart storage for two mop handles and frames making it easy to move locations
  • 100% autoclavable, electropolished stainless steel frame making it compatible with most cleanroom disinfectants and cleaners
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