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Auto-desiccator Cabinets from The Cleanroom Market

Auto-desiccator Cabinets

Humidity-sensitive samples are safely stored in our reliable auto-desiccator cabinet. Suitable for storing various products such as historical document, optical lens and film, electronic components, seeds, all kinds of reference samples.


Different specifications and extras available.


  • Auto-electronic dry unit.
    – Desiccant is not required at all. Interior humidity is automatically controlled by electronic dry unit, highly beneficial for easy maintenance.
  • Constant low interior humidity in the range of 20% and 60%.
    – Humidity can be reached down to 20% RH within 8 hours. (under Ambient temperature of 25 °C, 60% RH and no load)
  • Setting humidity by 1% increment is available.


Convenience & Safety

  • Temperature and humidity display.
    – Interior temperature and humidity are indicated on display in real time.
    * Temp. is only indicated, not for control. Humidity is indicated and also controlled as well.
  • Easy installation and relocation.
    – Casters for easy mobility during installation or relocation. (for DC/DCL-41)
  • Height-adjustable shelves.
    – High-grade steel with corrosion resistant epoxy power coated surface.
    – Maximized utilization of internal space by using height-adjustable shelves.
    – Sturdy heavy load shelves sustain maximum 20kg sample loading.
  • Clear observation of samples.
    – Transparent acryl window provides a clear view of samples in the chamber.
    – DCL/DC-11 has transparent acryl windows on three sides, beneficial for wider view of inner chamber.
  • Space saving double-stacked cabinets. (for DCL/DC-11, DCL/DC-21S)
    – Foot holes on the top of the cabinet enables stable stacking.
    – Stackable space-saving design allowing efficient usage of cramped space.
  • Built in door lock device for safe sample storage.
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