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Overhead Stirrers (Analog) from The Cleanroom Market

Overhead Stirrers (Analog)

Powerful stirring and simple operation with sustainable economic benefits.


Different specifications and extras available. 

Performance & Convenience

  • Years of vibration-free and silent operation.
    – Equipped with a maintenance-free BLDC motor to generate smooth, quiet, and yet powerful stirring.
  • Powerful torque capable of handling high viscosity tasks.
  • Maintenance of constant motor speed by PID feedback control system even under conditions of changing viscosity.
  • Prevention of accidental spills or splashes thanks to microprocessor controlled smooth start and stop functions.
  • Designed for simple and quick operation.
  • Well illuminated digital display panel with sensitive touch buttons.
    – Set/present rpm, power ratio (%) are visible together on one screen.
  • Compact and slim head design for diverse flexibility in configuring other test equipment and accessories. (optional)



  • Sturdy aluminum main body efficiently absorbing and emitting the heat generated by the motor.
  • Safety features against overload and overheating for continuous operation
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