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Laboratory Design and Fitout from The Cleanroom Market

Building and designing a research laboratory is not an easy task. It requires expertise and keen knowledge in the area. At the Cleanroom Market , we offer comprehensive service, from designing your lab, to carrying out the fit-out, supplying and installation of laboratory equipment and furniture. The Cleanroom Market(T.C.M) being part of the parent company that has over 40 years in building cleanrooms for various industries , it guarantees the level of seriousness in which we are into this business .

T.C.M works closely with your team to design your lab that suits your requirements in the desired environment.Unlike the commercial fitouts, lab design and fitout requires in depth understanding of complex environments and knowledge to meet certain compliance standards.

The Cleanroom Market also has its expertise in supplying Lab Equipments, Cleanroom supplies and Garments, Cleaning products for life-science, Pharma, Hospitals , Semiconductors and Aerospace industries. For more details, contact us at


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