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Importance of make : Cleanroom Garments

Maintaining a controlled environment is a challenge. Especially when one is not sure about the cleanroom garments being used in the facility. Protecting your people, product and your controlled environment must be the priority , but what if the cleanroom garments who are protecting these are only the cause of the contamination?

It is not a far from possible situation that your cleanroom garments are the major reason for contamination because of its non particle free nature. There is a huge difference between clean, sterile and industrially manufactured sterile garments.

Manufacturing Process : Why is it important ?

What is sterile is may not be clean and vice-versa. Both clean and sterile garments are sewn and constructed in controlled and clean manufacturing facilities. The Cleanroom Market presents Cleanroom garments which are manufactured via below stringent processes which ensures quality throughout.

  • The sewing is done in ISO class 7 NEBB certified cleanroom wherein operators are garbed under to ISO Class 4 classifications.

  • The machinery used are oil less which reduces the particulate count

  • Various quality checks including first, second and third degree inspections including seam and thread inspection

  • Final Inspection and packing in ISO 4 class NEBB certified cleanroom environment is cleanroom class ISO 4 certified

Before finalizing on a cleanroom garment, it is very important to keep in mind these questions:

Are the cleanroom garments clean-manufactured?

How are the garments sterilized and packaged ?

How is the manufacturing being monitored and audited?

Until and unless one has a clear answer for these, it is not wise to order for the product.

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