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The Cleanroom Market( T.C.M) offers wide variety of ESD Supplies and furniture for industries such as:

  • Micro Electronics

  • MRO Facilities

  • Aerospace

  • Defense

  • SemiConductors

ESD Furniture and ESD Garments
ESD Protection

For facilities in industries mentioned above, ESD Protective furniture and garments are used when handling products in these industries. Personal protective Equipment(PPE) are generally used for anti static purposes. It is very difficult to monitor the static charges created by our daily wear. Our daily wear holds electrostatic charge which is generated by human body friction.The Cleanroom Market offers:

  • ESD Furniture: ESD Work benches and drawer units

  • ESD Garments- ESD Lab coats, coveralls

  • ESD Shoes

  • ESD Stationery- ESD Pens, ESD Files, ESD Supplies

  • ESD Wrist strap and Grounding box

ESD Protection is one of the major requirements for companies working in a field of electronic devices manufacturing, processing and repair. ESD coats can shield the insulative clothing and minimize the electric fields generated from their clothing. For more details and queries, write to us .


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